Giovanni ROTA

(c. 1800 - 1809)
ROTA, Giovanni Born 1767 Cremona, d. before 1829 Mantua Italy. Apprenticed to L. Storioni 1787-1791. He appears to have divided his time between Cremona and Mantua. His last period in Cremona, as indicated by labels, would have been 1808-1809. He may well have been hoping to succeed to the business of Tommaso Balestrieri in Mantua, whose known working period ended in 1791. Very striking work on a large full-arched model. Broad purfling. Edges flat but well-managed. Large well-positioned Stradivari-like soundholes. The scroll is also large and a little clumsy, recalling Rogeri, with a flat undercut, small chamfer, and very restricted throat. Often used one-piece backs of distinctive broad swirling grain, some showing marks of worm infestation in the log. Fine pale golden-brown varnish. Some small violas and cellos known. Joannes Rota fecit / Mantuae anno 1793 Joannes Rota fecit / Cremone anno 1798 Joannes Rota fecit / Mantuae anno 1803 Joannes Rota fecit / Cremone anno 1805 Joannes Rota fecit / Cremone anno 1808 [Gindin]

£ 126,900
Highest auction price achieved

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