Claude Victor RAMBAUX

(c. 1840 - 1848)
RAMBAUX, Claude Victor Born 1806 Darney, died 1871 Mirecourt France. Apprenticed to Moitessier in Mirecourt 1820-1824. Worked with Thibout in Caen from 1824 and with Francois Gand in Paris from 1827. Established independently 1838 in the Faubourg Poissonnière. Retired to Mirecourt 1857. Experimental maker: many efforts made in wood treatment and bass bar development. Stradivari model. Good workmanship. Thick and rather cloudy varnish. Responsible for the reduction of several old large-model cellos for modern use, including early large model Stradivari cellos. Claude Victor Rambaux / Breveté à Paris 1846. C.V.R.

£ 8,333
Highest auction price achieved

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