Dominique Peccatte

(c. 1810 - 1874)
PECCATTE, Dominique Born 1810, died 1874 Mirecourt France. Brother of Francois, below. Highly important and influential bow maker, ranked second in importance to Tourte. In some ways the Guarneri del Gesù to Tourte’s Stradivari, he is known for a flexible and instinctive mastery of his craft. Apprenticed as a violin maker in Mirecourt at the suggestion of N. F. Vuillaume, he later worked for J. B. Vuillaume in Paris 1826-1836. Taught bow making there by J. P. M. Persois and possibly F. Tourte. Succeeded to workshop of François Lupot at 18 rue d’Angervillers 1838, the start of his best period. Joined by his brother François c.1841, and employed Henry in the workshop, which he left in the han

£ 112,419
Highest auction price achieved

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