Louis Otto

(c. 1844 - 1920)
Louis Born 1844 Ludwigslust, Mecklenburg, died 1920 D�sseldorf Germany. Son and pupil of Johann Karl August Otto, above. Worked with his cousin Ludwig, below, in Cologne 1865-1866. Subsequently with A. Reichers in Hanover. Established independently in D�sseldorf on Sch�tzenstrasse from 1872. Appointed luthier to the court. Credited with about 300 violins, 50 violas, 50 cellos, and several double basses. Initially built on Amati models; later embraced Stradivari and Guarneri patterns. Very fine workmanship. Materials and varnish of good quality. Awarded prizes at D�sseldorf, Melbourne, and Chicago. Louis Otto / fecit D�sseldorf anno 1899 / No. 289

£ 3,500
Highest auction price achieved

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