Jacob August Otto

(c. 1760 - 1829)
Jacob August Born 1760 Gotha, died 1829 Lobeda, Thuringia Germany. Pupil of F. A. Ernst in Gotha. Established in Weimar as luthier to the Court c.1790. Active in Halle, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Berlin, and Jena. Very fine and versatile maker. A group of six violins, one viola, and one cello made for the Royal Chapel at Copenhagen. Following the introduction of the guitar to the court of the Duchess Amelia of Weimar in 1788 also devoted much time to that instrument. His sons Georg August, Carl Christian, Heinrich Wilhelm, Johann Carl, and Carl Wilhelm were all pupils and successful violin makers. Author of Ueber den Bau und die Erhaltung der Geige und aller Bogeninstrumente (Halle-Leipzig 1817) translated as Treatise on the Construction and Preservation of the Violin and all Bowed instruments (London, 1833). Reparirt / von Jakob August Otto / Halle 1816

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