Antonio Gragnani

(c. - 1794)
GRAGNANI, Antonio Worked circa. 1765-1794 Livorno Italy. Very stylish and idiosyncratic maker who probably learned his craft in Florence. Craftsmanship and finish of the highest order. Amati-like model with finely sculpted arch of medium height, or slightly pinched higher form. Slightly elongated but elegant soundholes. Sometimes used whalebone for the purfling, unique amongst Italian makers. Head very striking, with long swan-necked pegbox, wider at the back than at the top edge and often quite concave sides, the volute itself is horizontally oval, but very finely worked with a delicate chamfer. Varnish is golden amber-yellow over a slightly grey ground, very reminiscent of the best Carcassi work. Usually branded �A.G.� on the back button and above the endpin. Despite this, many copyists have attempted to duplicate the work, possibly because it is so distinctive and recognisable, and some inferior or anachronistic work has been given his label and brand. Antonius Gragnani fecit / Liburni Anno 1783

£ 58,850
Highest auction price achieved

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