Williamson Blythe

(c. 1827 - 1897)
BLYTH, Williamson Born 1827 Greenlaw, Berwickshire, died 1897 Edinburgh UK. A colourful character, called by Henley ‘a pretender and charlatan’. Although credited with over 2,000 instruments by Honeyman, he was also a tinsmith and plumber, and player of traditional instruments. His Edinburgh address was 7 Middleton’s Entry, Potterow, adjacent to the premises of Blair, Ballantyne, and James Hardie. Awarded Diploma of Honour at the Glasgow Exhibition 1890. Some instruments ascribed to him are poor, with thin yellow alcohol varnish, but the best are very fine, with a Guadagnini or Guarneri-like style, fine red varnish, and locally-sourced wood. [Rattray]

£ 822
Highest auction price achieved

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