Nester Dominique Audinot

(c. 1842 - 1907)
Nestor Dominique Born 1842 Mirecourt, died 1920 Paris. Son and pupil of Léopold Audinot. Worked with Sébastian Vuillaume in Paris 1863-1868. Established his own shop at 17 Faubourg St Denis but on Vuillaume’s death in 1875 returned to take over his business at 17 Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle. Retired on independent means in 1908, passing the firm to E. Corvisier. A prolific maker, his instruments are of consistent quality and made precisely to reliable classical models, most commonly late Guarneri del Gesù. Fine even and transparent orange to red spirit varnish. Audinot / Luthier / Élève de Vuillaume / Paris. Faubourg St. Denis Audinot / 17 Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle / Année 1899 no. 693

£ 21,250
Highest auction price achieved

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