William Atkinson

(c. 1851 - 1929)
ATKINSON, William Born 1851 Stepney, London, died 1929 Paglesham, Essex UK. Worked as a seaman until c.1869, when he made his first instrument during an apprenticeship as a joiner. Professional violin maker in Tottenham, north London, working from a general supply shop on Church Road. Moved to Paglesham, Essex in 1911. Prolific maker on Stradivari- or Amati-derived models. Fine craftsmanship and good oil varnish, if a little stiff in execution and design; certainly amongst the best makers of this period in England. His oil varnish was his own concoction, soft and slow drying, developing colour without added pigmentation. In some cases this has worn or crazed excessively. It is frequently reported that he destroyed work that he considered unsatisfactory, particularly at the end of his life when early examples failed to match his later standards. He was able to do this at least in part because he always maintained other employments throughout his life and was never entirely dependent on his income from violin making. Branded beneath the button. William Atkinson in / Tottenham 1893 William Atkinson / in Paglesham 1924

£ 4,750
Highest auction price achieved

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