Gasparo Assalone

(c. 1695 - 1740)
ASSALONE, Gasparo Worked circa. 1695-1740 Pesaro & Rome Italy. The name is possibly a corruption of ‘Gasparo da Salò’ and is highly dubious. Henley (as is often the case) gives the impression that there are several instruments extant of differing types: ‘Amatise-Klotz’ and ‘Brescian’ styles, but there is no other confirmation of this. Strocchi claims there is a treatise on instrument making written by this man, which would be the earliest account of the craft if it exists. It is not recorded in any other source. Boalch lists a clavichord bearing the label ‘Gaspare Assalone fecit Romae Anno MCDDXXXII’ which unfortunately is a nonsensical date, possibly intended to be 1632 or 1732, and co

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