Rowan Armour-brown

(c. 1948 - 1996)
ARMOUR-BROWN, Rowan Born 1948, died 1996, Worked Newark, Nottinghamshire UK. Pupil of G. B. Morassi at Cremona 1972-1975, subsequently working for G. Solomon in Somerset 1976. Established independently and produced many fine instruments, winning awards at Newark in 1976, Strathclyde 1977, and London ‘Facta Britannica’ 1981. Taught extensively in Loughborough, Cambridge, and Newark. Very refined personal model derived from classical proportions, finely and accurately finished with full coating of rich clear red-brown varnish. Rowan Armour-Brown / no.. / Made in Newark 1992

£ 1,380
Highest auction price achieved

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