Lorenzo (II) Arcangioli

(c. 1825 - 1874)
ARCANGIOLI, Lorenzo (II) Worked 1825-1874 Arezzo Italy. Jalovec speculates, with some reason, that he was the son of Lorenzo Arcangioli, above. (Henley follows Vannes in considering them to be the same person). Violoncello da spalla dated 1825 in Leipzig Musical Instrument Museum. A bass viola in the Cherubini collection, Florence. Broad model and ‘f’ holes with slightly exaggerated sweep in the lower half. Unfluted. Two-piece back of wild narrow flame with flat-topped arch and hard golden-orange varnish. It represents Arcangioli’s ideas for a bass viola, tuned an octave below the violin. Although of ordinary viola length, it is very wide. His ideas were discussed in conservatoires in Fl

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