Pietro Ambrogi

(c. 1730 - 1750)
AMBROGI, Pietro Worked circa. 1715-1750 Rome Italy. Most published sources say that he worked in Cremona and Brescia in the early part of the 18th century and produced Stradivari and Amati models. There is no support for this other than the claim on his labels, which all come from Rome, that he was from Cremona. Indeed, the variety of different styles attributed to him indicates that this rather obscure name was used rather indiscriminately by dealers. Many other makers called themselves Cremonese purely for prestige with no basis in fact. Pietro Ambrogi / fecit Romae an 1715 Pietro Ambrogi Porto de Capital / Roma, anno 1740. Petrus Ambrogi / Cremonensis fecit Romae, en 1749 [Lebet]

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