Hieronymus (II) Amati

(c. 1649 - 1740)
AMATI, Hieronymus (II) Born 1649, died 1740 Cremona Italy. Son, pupil, and successor of Nicolò Amati, above. His workmanship makes itself apparent after c.1670 and, while he is generally considered to be a lesser maker than the rest of his family, there are considerable merits in his work. He was probably the presiding craftsman in the workshop when many of the foreign apprentices such as Segher were present, c.1680-1682. His career suffered greatly by the rise of Antonio Stradivari to dominance in Cremona during his lifetime. Nevertheless, he was clearly aware of Stradivari’s ideas and not afraid to put them to use in his own work. He lowered the high recurved archings favoured by Nicolò

£ 206,262
Highest auction price achieved

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