Hieronymus (I) Amati

(c. 1561 - 1693)
AMATI, Hieronymus (I) Born 1561, died 1631 Cremona Italy. Younger son of Andrea Amati, above. After the departure of his brother Antonio in 1588, Hieronymus continued to use the ‘brothers’ formula ‘Fr.[atelli] Amati’ on his labels. Production increased markedly and the city of Cremona quickly became synonymous with the violin throughout Europe in the period when the Amati shop was the only source of violins in the city. From about 1610 he would have been assisted by his son Nicolò in meeting the burgeoning demand. Hieronymus, like Maggini in Brescia, was a victim of the plague which swept northern Italy in 1630. From 1615 he began making a small number of contralto violas which were r

£ 517,000
Highest auction price achieved

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