Andrea Amati

(c. 1505 - 1577)
AMATI, Andrea Born circa. 1505, died 1577 Cremona Italy. Unquestionably the most important figure, alongside Antonio Stradivari, in the history of violin making. Although it is clear that violins existed in some form from c.1520, Andrea Amati’s instruments are the oldest that survive and are clearly the prototypes for all that followed. There is no known precedent for his design which in every detail defines the instrument as it is known and still made today, and it seems reasonable to credit Andrea as the originator of the modern violin. Choice of materials, varnish, four-cornered form, precise proportions, purfling, scroll head, and ‘f’ shaped soundholes, even the method of construction wi

£ 27,500
Highest auction price achieved

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