Paul Aletzie

(c. 1684 - 1735)
ALETZIE, Paul Born 1684 Waltenhofen, died 1735 Munich Germany. Said to have worked in Venice c.1720, although no published labels allow for this, all of which emanate from Munich as early as 1698. Maker to the Bavarian Court in Munich. Elegant workmanship in definitive Bavarian style. Large Stainer-derived model. A violin double-purfled in Maggini fashion is illustrated in Hamma (1986). Varnish generally thin, hard and not perfectly transparent, of yellow or deep brown colour. made all forms of bowed instruments. Several viole d’amore extant in museum collections, of festooned outline with carved heads and inlay. Paulus Aletssee / fecit Monachij, 1714 Paulus Alletssee. f. / Lauten und Gei

£ 10,350
Highest auction price achieved

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