Matthias (II) Albani

(c. 1650 - 1712)
ALBANI, Matthias (II) Born 1634 Calduro (Kaltern), died 1712 Bolzano Italy. Presumed son and pupil of Matthias Albani (I), above, but usually conflated with him. Apprenticed to Martino Arz in Rome in 1664, worked for Andrea Portoghesi in 1666. Established in Bolzano c.1671, and recorded at that time as a violin maker. Earliest known work dates from c.1683. His style is very original and Italianate, possibly reflecting his early experience in Rome. Much of the work attributed to him seems either to be that of his sons Michael and Joseph under his name, or inferior German copies of later date. His influence goes beyond that of his immediate family to the Jais family in Bolzano, and Mayr in Salzburg. One authenticated label of J.E.Steger implies that he was a pupil of Matthias, but there is currently no known historical or stylistic link between the two makers. Matthias own work is very cleanly finished and on an Amatis� model, quite differentiated from other Tyrolean work. Rich red-brown varnish of excellent consistency, often with deeply crackled texture; frequently mistaken for Venetian. De Piccolellis reports a cello with carved dragon�s head. Forino cites a violin anachronistically labelled; Mattio Albano fece in Rome. 1684 More common forms; Mattio Alban fecit Bolzan. 1702 Mattio Alban. fecit Bolzen. 1700 [Lebet, Beare]

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