William John Acton

(c. 1848 - 1931)
ACTON, William John Born 1848 Woolwich, d. after 1900 Forest Gate, London UK. Active from 1868. Moved to 472 Katherine Road, Forest Gate, London in 1898. Stainer, Stradivari and personal models, 210 violins, 19 violas, 29 cellos and 21 double basses completed up to 1904. Amber oil varnish of his own make, in various colours. Imported tone woods of good quality. Also over 250 bows, of fine pernambuco. Printed label: William J. Acton, / Maker / St.Mary Street, Woolwich, 188. Manuscript label: William John Acton / Maker / Forest Gate London 1898 [Meredith Morris]

£ 4,830
Highest auction price achieved

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