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Start date 5th Feb 2019
End date 13th Feb 2019
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Important notice Ivory, tortoiseshell, and all types of rosewood are now listed by CITES, which limits the international trade of endangered species. Any Lots containing these products require a CITES licence before they can be exported out of the E.U.

Lot 13
Les Luthiers Français by L & V le Canu
Feb 19 View
Lot 14
Italienische Violinen des 18. Jahrhunderts by John Huber
Feb 19 View
Lot 15
Deutsche Bogenmacher, Volumes 1 & 2 by Klaus Grünke, C. Hans-Karl Schmidt and Wolfgang Zunterer
Feb 19 View
Lot 16
Alte Geigen und Bogen - Violins and Bows of the Past by various authors
Feb 19 View
Lot 17
Ungarischer Geigenbau by Peter Benedek
Feb 19 View
Lot 18
Antonio Stradivari - The Cremona Exhibition of 1987 by Charles Beare
Feb 19 View
Lot 19
Joseph Guarnerius "del Gesù" by Charles Beare, Bruce Carlson and Andrea Mosconi
Feb 19 View
Lot 20
Versteigerungen von Streichinstrumenten 1992-1993 by U. Holfter & W. Kirschfink
Feb 19 View
Lot 21
Meister Deutscher Geigenbau-kunst by Fridolin Hamma
Feb 19 View
Lot 22
Lexikon der Violine by various Authors
Feb 19 View
Lot 23
J. B. Vuillaume by Roger Millant
Feb 19 View
Lot 24
Geigenzettel alter Meister by Paul De Wit
Feb 19 View

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