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Vichy Encheres

French auction house specialising in lutherie, wind & plucked instruments.

A World Reputation The auctions taking place in Vichy are now amongst the most important international sales of musical instruments, “not to be missed”. Each of those sales is like a barometer of the world market tendencies in this field, on the whole and in its diversity. A particularity conferring auctioneers Guy and Etienne Laurent an excellent knowledge of the present ‘cosmopolitan’ market. Bi-Annual Sales In June and December of each year, about 1500 violins, violas, cellos, double basses and bows are sold in three days, after having been expertised and exhibited to the public. Over more than 500 other instruments such as guitars, mandolins, wind instruments and accordions are sold a few days later. A Guaranteed Purchase An important specificity of the French public auction sales is a guaranteed by the auctioneers to the buyers. Each lot that is sold has a guaranteeing of authenticity of the instrument purchased for five years. Furthermore, a certificate of authenticity, established by our experts themselves, is issued for the most important instruments. Independent Experts Our experts are first of all independent professionals putting their competence to the service of Vichy Enchères: the most trustable way of guaranteeing the equity of prices and the quality of the expertise. The Most Updated Technology Vichy Enchères has the use of an endoscope. Initially used for high precision surgery, this endoscope allows to film instruments from inside and thus record information useful for their identification. Targeted Communication Each sale is promoted by targeted communication, press releases and editorial articles, released to specialized newspapers and magazines throughout the world. A Team In Unison The personal involvement of each member of our team at Vichy Enchères is with no doubt a fundamental asset, allowing sellers and buyers to witness the sales taking place with a reciprocal spirit of trust : • availability, person to person contact, discreet advice and efficiency in meeting the clientele, whether near Vichy or at the other end of the world; • reception of instruments with all the appropriate care; • setting and exhibition of instruments, under the maximum security conditions in warehouses, in the auction hall or displayed in exhibition cases; • simultaneous display showing rates in Euro, Dollar and Yen during the sales; • routing of the instruments and clients’ follow up.

Contact Information

Address: 16 avenue de Lyon
Telephone: +33 4 70 30 11 20
Email: contact@vichy-encheres.com
Website: http://contact@vichy-encheres.com