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Veronika Dreysse & Carsten Hoffmann

Makers of modern & baroque violins, violas & cellos.

After our professional training in Mittenwald and years of apprenticeship and studies in several stations, we opened our workshop in Bamberg in 2009. There we have our focus on constructing new instruments with modern or baroque setup, inspired mainly by classical Italian models and dedicated to richness of tone and stilistic details. Following a longstanding tradition, we try to develop our craftmanship to fulfil today's musician's requirements. Beginning with the choice of wood, we are able to influence the resulting sound, which we try to support with our choice of model, the archings and graduations and finally the setup to develop the best possible sound. Our goal is an aesthetic emphasising our individuality and sense of form and colours – an antipol to the aesthetics of our time that consists of perfection, at best reached by machines. Therefore all of our instruments are unique, but let shine through character and style of the maker.

Contact Information

Address: Friedrichstrasse 8
Telephone: +49 (0)951 1339262
Email: car.hoffmann@web.de
Website: http://www.dreysse-hoffmann.de/index_eng.html