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The Violin Project

Good-value, contemporary string instruments for all levels.

Since 2003, "the violin project" of Offenbach/Germany has brought international buyers good-value, contemporary string instruments, for beginners and advanced students to music college-level and professional players. We are specializing in high-quality Chinese workshop and master instruments, which provide the best price-performance value in the world of newly built string instruments. We have developed our expertise in this field for the past decade, consulting with local professional players in the choice and adjustment of our instruments. All our makers are carefully selected and kept under strict and continued quality control. Unlike other importers of Asian instruments, we choose quality over quantity! We believe that a carefully built modern instrument will provide players of every conceivable level with the best quality for a moderate price!

Contact Information

Address: Bleichstrasse 67
Offenbach am Main
Telephone: 0049 69 7508 9737
Email: the.violinproject@yahoo.de
Website: http://www.theviolinproject.de