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The Violin Broker

Buy & sell newly made master instruments, bows & The Bridge Vibrator.

The Violin Broker, (Dennis Braun) began buying and selling newly made master instruments in 1978 based in Gulfport, Mississippi. In 1990 moved the business to Dallas, Texas and in 2012 moved again to Barcelona, Spain. We have contacts with most of the worlds greatest living makers. Beginning in 1990 The Bridge Vibrator was born. The Bridge Vibrator is an acoustic device which quickly and safely attaches to the bridge of a wooden stringed instrument. The Bridge Vibrator is then attached to the speaker terminals of your music amplifier into which real music is played effectively playing real musical sounds through the instrument. The results of playing real music into the wooden instrument is to accomplish "Acoustical Seasoning", to wake up a newly made instrument or an older seldom played instrument teaching them how to sing. The process called, "The Acoustic Massage", wakes up the cells of the wood allowing free and full vibration over a wide range of frequencies normally played by the musician with one big exception. The Bridge Vibrator never gets tired and can play 24/7 in the "Acoustic Spa". The Bridge Vibrator is currently available in several varieties. Violin/Viola 6 watts for 50 Euro; Cello 10 watts for 90 Euro; Double Bass 30 watts 120 Euro; Double Bass 50 watts 150 Euro. In development is the acoustic guitar Bridge Vibrator. A deluxe enclosure for violin/viola/guitar called "The Acoustic Spa" is also being developed. Many more exciting things are coming. Stay tuned. For more information, drop me an email to: violinbroker@gmail.com. Until then, keep practicing and we will see you soon at most of the worlds musical instruments shows. IE, Mondo Musica, Frankfurt Music Messe, The Violin Society of America convention & competition. All the best, Dennis Braun

Contact Information

Address: Via Octaviana 1, Esc B 4-2
Vilassar de Mar
Telephone: +34 634 58 20 04
Email: violinbroker@gmail.com
Website: http://www.acousticseasoning.com