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Tabor Violas

Violas, violins, and violoncelli - Baroque reproductions.

I studied violin making under Alojzy Sobeczack and relief carving in Florence, Italy under Vespiano Russo. I am currently focusing on making some unique Baroque instruments, using forms and models outside of the typical Golden Period makers. I am strongly influenced by the makers of Napoli, as well as the makers of Central Italy. Much of my work reflects my own personality, and is driven by the desire to make unique instruments, not exact copies of famous ones. I operate a small workshop north of Trento Italy, as well as a restoration woekshop in Vienna, Austria. For the past two years I have been active in training young luthiers, and greatly rewarded by this experience.

Contact Information

Email: taborviolins@gmail.com
Website: http://taborviolas.com