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Stepan Soultanian

Dealer & maker of fine violins & bows.

Dear Visitor, Thank you for your interest. My skills and expertise are acknowledged by top soloists and professionals that regularly visit my workshops expecting work of the highest international standards. I proudly offer the same level of work and experience to all my clients. My philosophy is to make instruments that are as individual and unique as the player. I strive for perfection and never compromise any aspect of the making, from selecting the wood through to the ingredients of the varnish and the final set up. With every instrument that I make, my purpose is to produce something special for my clients. I want them to feel that their instruments are just as individual as they are; instruments that will naturally meet their requirements but also match and perhaps exceed their initial expectations. Collaboration is essential. Whenever possible I aim to establish a rapport with my clients to fully understand their style of playing and their vision of what they really want me to make. For more details and photographs please visit my website: www.stepansoultanian.com

Contact Information

Address: 1st Apriliou Avenue 38
Telephone: +35724655688
Email: stepan@logosnet.cy.net
Website: http://www.stepansoultanian.com