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Sinier de Ridder

Expert, dealer & restorer of historical musical instruments.

Since October 1971, all our efforts and our care has been dedicated to the restoration, maintenance, conservation and expertise of musical instruments belonging to the patrimony, also called “historic instruments”, in particular “plucked strings”. We first opened a workshop in Paris, then in 1979 we decided to move to Saint-Chartier (Indre). We mainly collaborate with public collections (Nice, Paris, Montluçon, Bourg) as well as private collections all around the world: Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, U.S.A, Japan, Australia etc... Our workshop is entirely dedicated to the restoration of instruments, where up to now we have examined and in most cases restored more than 2000 antique instruments of great value. We wrote several articles about historical guitars and their restorations published in specialized revues, and recently a book of art dedicated to the guitars made in Paris between 1650 and 1950. A second volume for the guitars made in Mirecourt, Vosges, was published in 2011. www.sinier-de-ridder.com

Contact Information

Address: 53, rue des Maîtres Sonneurs
Email: sinierderidder@gmail.com