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Shan Jiang

Handmade Italian Violin copies

The instruments from Shan Jiang are made with great craftsmanship and sensitivity. The violins are modeled on 18th century Cremonese masterpieces. Top grade European wood is used, and workmanship upon every part of the instrument is executed in the traditional manner. Varnish, the ultimate ingredient, is given much attention by Shan Jiang. It is prepared with linseed or walnut oil with natural resins, as described in historical literature. Antiquing is often incorporated in the varnishing process to add refinement to the final appearance. One also finds modern techniques used in the shop. For example, plate tuning techniques adopted from modern acoustical research are used to enhance the tone quality. Shan Jiang's violins once won Silver Medal for Tone and Craftsmanship from VSA (Violin Society of America).

Contact Information

Address: 35 West 65th Street
New York and Tenafly, New Jersey
10023 and 07670
Email: jiangviolin@gmail.com
Website: http://www.jiangviolins.com