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Beauties & Investments

At Poesis, we sell the finest investment instruments and bows in the world. We specialize in perfect or near-perfect conditioned examples with world-class certificates. Our value is to help you find something that is genuine, musical, and appreciates in value. Over the years, we have become a leader in providing the finest Italian violins and French bows that are great investments for string players, musicians, investors, and collectors. We also purchase instruments & bows from musicians and their families when they wish to sell them. Our services are professional, fast, and reliable. The tone, condition, and prestige of our instruments will make you truly stand out in the music world. FREE SERVICES: Free Appraisal Free Consultation Free Travel & Search for Your Ideal Instrument/Bow Free Case with Every Instrument Purchase BENEFITS IN WORKING WITH US: Leader & Expert in Violin Investment Finest Violin & Bow Collections Instrument Authenticity Guarantee Locating Your Ideal Instrument in 30 Days Efficient Communications (All Emails Answered Within 24 hrs) Featured Investment Instruments: Fine Italian Violin by Ansaldo Poggi, Bologna Pure Italian Violin by Igino Sderci, Florence Rare Italian Violin by Aristide Cavalli, Cremona Rare Austrian Violin by Joseph Leidolff, Vienna, 1770 Rare Belgium Viola by Hendrik Willems, c.1670 (The 'Belgium Stradviari') Rare French Violin bow by Eugene Sartory, Gold and Tortoiseshell Pure French Violin bow by Eugene Sartory, Silver/Ebony, Featuring Rare Vuillaume Style Frog Feel free to discuss your needs with us today and we will work 100% to realize them.

Contact Information

Address: Vancouve
Telephone: +1 778 285 9667
Email: pssviolin@gmail.com
Website: http://www.poesisstudio.com