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stringed instruments,bows,book projects.DTP consultant,book editor A.Stradiuarius

I am an independent specialist professional photographer traveling and working worldwide. Currently I am hired to work on a book project of Spanish instruments of the 17th and 18th century (publication is planned for 2013) as well as for a book about Sartory bows. I also attend all projects giving advise as DTP consultant into colour management and printing processes. I am co-editor of the four volume compendium Antonius Stradiuarius ( published in 2010) and project photographer of the books Stradivari Varnish (Greiner/Brandmair 2010) and Joannes Baptista Guadagnini (Scrollavezza/Zanré 2012). If you would like to order a book or realize your project please do not hesitate to contact me - I am pleased to support.

Contact Information

Address: An Gross St. Martin 7
Koeln / Cologne
Telephone: +49.221.4736280
Email: janroehrmann@gmail.com
Website: http://www.stradivaribooks.com