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Neil Kristof Ertz Violin Maker

Maker of fine violins, violas & cellos.

I was born in Scotland in 1966. From a musical childhood I went on to spend five years at St Mary's Music School in Edinburgh studying violin and viola. In 1983 I entered the Newark School of Violin Making. On completion of violin making school I went on to work for the next five years in some of the leading violin restoration workshops of Holland, France and Germany. This included three years in the workshops of Geigenbau Machold in Germany where I concentrated on the detailed restoration, sound adjustment and set-up of some of the finest examples of the classical Italian masters in existence. In early 1992 I began working with Roger Hargrave in Germany. We spent the next four years building accurate copies of the classical Italian masters that have since gained a worldwide reputation for their quality in both sound and style. During this time I was closely involved with in-depth research into classical violin construction including detailed analysis of the work of Giuseppe Guarneri. This led to the 1994 exhibition "Violin Masterpieces of Guarneri del Gesù" held at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and the subsequent publication of "Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù" in 1998. This book has gone on to be recognised as one of the most important studies of the life and working methods of Giuseppe Guarneri. In 1997 I opened my own workshop in Cambridge, England to concentrate on building precise copies and free interpretations of the great classical masters. In 2010 I relocated to Edinburgh, Scotland where I continue to build violins, violas and cellos that are bought and used by musicians all over the world. For more details please don't hesitate to call or e-mail me. For more images of past work visit my website at www.ertz-violins.com, and to see work in progress please visit my Facebook page listed on the side menu.

Contact Information

Address: 63 Lasswade Road
EH16 6SZ
Telephone: +44 (0)131 258 4814 / +44(0)7799 585 714
Email: neil@ertz-violins.com
Website: http://www.ertz-violins.com