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Mark Langdale Hough

Maker of fine violins, violas & cellos.

I live and work in Southern Connecticut, a short drive away from the music centers of New York City and Yale School of Music in New Haven. I have been making violins, violas and cellos for thirteen years, since completing my three year apprenticeship with Lawrence Wilke in 1998. I am a member of the Violin Society of America, which has awarded my violins with two Certificates of Merit for workmanship and a cello I made in partnership with Lawrence Wilke was awarded a Silver Medal for tone in 2004. My aim is to make the finest antiqued violins, using the highest quality materials available.

Contact Information

Address: 1 Airline Road
Telephone: 001 860 664 9295
Email: houghviolins@hotmail.com
Website: http://houghviolins.com

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