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Marion Bennardo / MondoCellos

Maker of instruments, with an emphasis on cellos.

It is said that my cellos are highly attractive, very responsive and easy to play. The C string is big and the A, warm and clear. The four strings feature a good balance right across when set up with Larsen Strings and the sound is mellow yet carries well. Trained in Newark School of Violin Making, I have focused to develop my skill as a cello maker since I graduated in 2006. However, I also make violins and violas that have been well appreciated by Scottish players. I use a model that I have designed myself for my cellos, and I can make instruments based on any model, but I don’t make slavish copies. I can undertake any commission for modern instruments of the quartet family and their baroque alter-egos as well as viols. I can also make instruments with decorative purfling inlays, carved heads on demand and also decorative painting. Each stage of the making is done by myself or in association with my husband, Douglas Macarthur who is also a violin maker. I use varnishes that I have cooked myself and I control personally each stage of the wood treatment, not using products when I don’t know exactly their composition. I use the best quality fittings (ie: Bois d’Harmonie cello tailpieces, Stewart Bain cello endpins and Philip Brown’s pegs) and source for myself the best tone wood available.

Contact Information

Address: The Workshop, Stuc-An-T-Sagairt Balmaha Road, Drymen
G63 0HY
Telephone: +44 (0)7940 079 519
Email: info@mondocellos.co.uk
Website: http://www.mondocellos.co.uk