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Magnus Nedregard

Violin repair, restoration & service in the centre of Oslo.

I run a repair and maintenance workshop in Oslo, and occasionally make new instruments as well. Oslo has an extraordinary rich cultural life and a great tradition for string playing and music. I was born in Ålesund in 1976, and started out in violin making about 1997. After my first apprenticeship in the workshop of Hornaas in Oslo I went abroad and trained as a maker at the IPIALL violin making school in Cremona where I received the Ferraroni scholarship, and graduated with distinction in 2002. After working for a while with award-winning violin maker Alessandro Voltini in Italy, I returned to Norway and worked in my own small workshop in Bergen, collaborating with professional musicians and music students from all over Norway. I take part in the BVMA and the Norwegian violin makers association, and when time permits, try to spend some time in other workshops, as well as inviting colleagues to work with me at least once a year, to get new inspiration. I have also been repeatedly to the excellent restoration courses at West Dean College held by the BVMA as a professional development. My assistant since 2010, studied at Newark College and apart from restoration work takes care of bow maintenance and rehair.

Contact Information

Address: Industrigata 47
Telephone: (+47) 9713 0412
Email: magnus@nedregard.net
Website: http://www.nedregard.net