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Luiz Amorim

Maker of Fine Violins, Violas and Cellos.

Luiz Amorim is known as one of the best Brazil's violin makers. His instruments are constructed to attend the needs and expectations of an excellent musician, both in sound quality and in great detail and refined construction work. In recent years the best musicians working in Brazil come to him to find a single instrument. Builds his instruments following the traditional Italian liuteria. Produces baroque instruments, modern and identical replicas of the world-renowned classical authors. For fine violins, violas and cellos with great-sounding, easy, pleasant timbre, full sound and excellent projection combined with a flawless appearance uses noble materials: traditional woods, looking great in exact terms, varnishes developed in the studio with natural materials, also works with the projection and sound relationship between bottom and top for balance and sound amplification. Emmanuele Baldini and Cláudio Cruz, Concertmasters at the São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra, are one of his clients.

Contact Information

Address: Rua Emílio de Almeida Torres, 550
Telephone: +554132747400
Email: liutaio@luizamorim.com
Website: http://www.luizamorim.com