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Liuteria Cesarini

Liuteria Cesarini , Violin's shop of the middle-Italy

Liuteria Cesarini builds, repaires, customizes acoustic and electric instruments. Particular importance is given to the accurate adjustment of the various "customizable" parts which often completely changes the approach between the musician and the instrument. The bows are worked only for the rehairing. Beyond this the restoration of old instruments is done with proper attention to the maintenance of the historical and acoustic proprieties. The shop is in Perugia (middle Italy), not far from Rome. www.liuteriacesarini.com I obtained my degree in the school of violin's making "Spataffi", then I perfected my skills in Fertans , under the guide of Jean Grunberger. Mastro liutaio Federico Cesarini

Contact Information

Address: Via F. Gualterio 24 e
Telephone: +39 0755271693
Email: federico@liuteriacesarini.com
Website: http://www.liuteriacesarini.com