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Ingles & Hayday

Tim Ingles and Paul Hayday formed Ingles & Hayday in 2012 after 15 years working together running the musical instrument department at Sotheby's.

In the course of their career, Ingles & Hayday have sold the collections of Yehudi Menuhin and Alfred Cooper at auction. The Cooper collection auction alone raising nearly $6m and setting new world records at auction. In 2008 Ingles & Hayday formed the private sale department at Sotheby's and in the course of the last five years have sold 11 instruments by Stradivarius and Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu.

Contact Information

Address: Ingles & Hayday Ltd 94-96 Wigmore Street London
Telephone: 020 7042 7337
Email: lydia@ingleshayday.com
Website: http://www.ingleshayday.com/

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