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Guadagnini Violin Shop

Fine instruments & bows, fine restoration & expert appraisals & certificates.

As Professor Bernard Zinck, Head of the String Area at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukeein puts it: "I have known many violin dealers both in this country and in Europe and find Mr. Lu to be one of the most talented, honest, humble and gracious luthier." Assistant principal violist of CSO Likuo Chang calls Chunyee Lu "among the foremost experts". For two decades, Chunyee Lu, the owner of Guadagnini Violin shop, has served some of the most influential musicians in the world (see "www.guadagniniviolinshop.com") Guadagnini Violin Shop carries a wide selection of instruments and bows, from modern makers to fine instruments made by Italian classic masters, and fine French bows. As a fine instrument dealer, restorer, expert and connoisseur, Chunyee provides certificates for professional musicians, as well as for collectors. Guadagnini Violin Shop's insurance appraisals are highly regarded and respected by major insurance companies.

Contact Information

Address: 407 S. Dearborn St. #1790
Telephone: +001 312 588 1655
Email: lu@guadagniniviolinshop.com
Website: http://www.guadagniniviolinshop.com