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Gonzalo Bayolo

Maker of violin, viola & cello.

Dynamic, innovative and preserver of tradition, this violin maker reflects in the instruments, his own interpretation of centuries of experimentation and learning. He participates actively in working and researching groups as the VSA Oberlin Violin Making Workshop, the European Meetings of Violin Makers and Musicians Ciudad de Malaga, and the Annual Conventions of the Violin Society of America. Imbued with the world of the violin, he takes part in the most prestigious international events, such as the Triennale Internazionale degli Strumenti ad Arco Antonio Stradivari in Cremona, Mittenwald Geigenbauwettbewerb Internationaler, the VSA International Competition (USA) or the Concourse International de Lutherie Etienne Vatelot in Paris, where, in the last edition 2011, he finished 3rd. Receptive to all violin making influence, he usually travels across Europe to share experiences with colleagues, looking for purity of form, the warmth of the appearance and the richness of sound. Italy, Germany, France and Austria are the usual destinations of their search of techniques, trends, and to find the best wood to make his instruments. He recognizes the players as the key in the construction of instruments, and encourages feedback with these, picking carefully their feelings and emotions, which act on the public, completing the creative cycle. Hence the value of his participation in exhibitions such as the Galerie Internationale de Lutherie Contemporaine, the Salon de la Musique Classique Musicora, Violoncellenseine in Paris and the Exposition de Instruments Contemporains in Montpellier. He has also developed the facet of restorative. His expertise is supported by the Hans Weishaar certificate.

Contact Information

Address: Pousada, 213 - Carcacía
Telephone: +34 981 81 10 64
Email: info@luthierbayolo.com
Website: http://www.luthierbayolo.com