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Giorgio Seita

Dario Vernè instruments

My name is Giorgio Seita, I live in Torino, Italy and I'm Dario Vernè's nephew. Dario Vernè (1922-2007) was an Italian violinmaker from Mathi, near Torino, and his work is a perfect example of the Piedmontese school. You can find some informations about him on http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dario_Vernè He also committed himself to restoring and repairing antique instruments: from Guadagnini, Stradivari, Gasparo da Salò, Rogeri, Pressenda, Rocca, until Fagnola, Oddone, Michetti, Curletto, many precious violins passed through his hands and he never failed to learn something from these great authors; an experience that he then put into his own instruments. Though my uncle never struggled to make his name widespread - he preferred to dedicate himself to the improvement of his work - many of his violins, violas and cellos are now playing in Spain, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands, just to mention countries I'm sure of. Along with my sister, I own several Vernè violins and violas and we're now willing to sell some of them, possibly on an international basis. Our uncle's instruments are rather rare and are perfect for professional players or collectors. All our instruments come directly from Dario Vernè's atelier and are in a perfect state of preservation. Some of them have never been played, despite of their being 20 and sometimes more than 30 years old. Enclosed you can see images of some violins and soon I'll add photos of at least two violas. Every violin is sold with certificate of authenticity complete with professional hd photos and full description of the instrument (the certificate is also available in English). Please note that we're not professional sellers (even if, having worked many years with my uncle, I can consider myself an expert of Italian violinmaking): we are doing this just to make our uncle's name and work renown and appreciated as it deserves. So, we guarantee that your purchase is totally refundable if for any reason you are not satisfied with your instrument. We're also sure that the value of these instruments will grow dramatically in the next years. Feel free to contact me at seita.seita@tiscalinet.it for any further information you may need. You can write to me in English, French, Spanish (and of course Italian) and I'l be glad to answer as soon as possible. Giorgio Seita

Contact Information

Address: via Palmieri 4 - Torino
Telephone: 0039 338 7049247
Email: seita.seita@tiscalinet.it