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Gianluca Zanetti

Fine Violins, Violas and Cellos

Gianluca Zanetti was born in Mantova on the 6 of august 1977; he attended succesfully the International School of Violinmakers in Cremona, graduating in 1999, under the guide of M° Massimo Negroni and M° Wanna Zambelli. After this he improved theory and practise in the violinmaker Stefano Trabucchi's workshop, working there for more than two years. Since the Year 2003, Gianluca Zanetti is working in his own workshop located near the Duomo, in Porta Marzia Street 7 in the town centre. Since 2010 the new workshop address is Xi Febbraio Street, 107. Gianluca Zanetti fully respects the great tradition of Violin Makers in Cremona, together with his personal touch which makes his instruments reflecting his own character. Some aspects that make his violins special instruments are: - checking any detail, even insignificant ones; - strick selection the raw materials to use; - deep study of varnishing techniques; - optimizazion of the sound; - exchange of informations and feedbacks between the musician and the violin maker. His varnish is characterized by a very effective ground of the wood that serves as basis for the preparation of an alcohol varnish very transparent and elastic characterized by very warm tones of amber-brown. All his instruments are finished “ a tampone” ( buffer) to give a sense of brightness and lightness. Currently produced models of inspiration Stradivari, Poggi, Garimberti and Capicchioni Gianluca Zanetti instruments are popular in many countries and orchestras around the world like USA, Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, France, England, Germany and Italy

Contact Information

Address: via XI Febbraio 107
Email: zanettiviolin@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.zanettiviolin.net