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Fabrizio Portanti

Maker of violins, violas & cellos in the classical Cremonese tradition.

Fabrizio Portanti, violin-maker from Cremona I am making violins, violas and cellos following classical cremonese violin-making tradition. I am paying particular attention to sound quality of my instruments and I am using special varnishes of my own making . I was born on 29 August 1963. I graduated from the International School of Violin-making in Cremona in 1981. For five years I was perfecting my instrument-making skills under the supervision of Gio Batta Morassi. Now I am an independent maker of violins, violas and cellos that I design myself in my workshop in Via Aselli, 37, Cremona. I have taken part in several international competitions winning: - Silver medal for a violin at the 6th International Triennal in Cremona in 1991 - Gold medal for the first place in the Tchaikowky International Competition in Moscow for best violin in 1994.

Contact Information

Address: Aselli n° 37
Telephone: +39 372 460409
Email: info@portanti.com
Website: http://www.portanti.com