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Borman Violins

Violin maker in the Guarneri style, used by performing & recording artists.

Maker of fine instruments in the style of Guarneri del Gesu, personally hand-crafted using finest Bosnian Maples and used by performance and recording artists, worldwide. At this point, I have been a violin maker for 35 years and I am proud of the reputation I have built. I am especially proud of the fact that many of today's most well known musicians have acquired multiple instruments of mine over the years; affirming the fact that not only do my instruments retain their sound quality but that they improve with time. I also feel that any of my clients would be happy to attest to the quality of follow through and long term care that I provide my clients and instruments.

Contact Information

Address: 1221 E. Rodgers Dr.
Telephone: +001 479 935 9483
Email: terry@bormanviolins.com
Website: http://www.bormanviolins.com