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Badiarov Violins

Concert Quality Violins since 1992 - modern and baroque

We are a full-time violin-making atelier in The Hague. We specialize in making fine instruments for the most demanding musicians. The founder Dmitry Badiarov apprenticed two a master violin-maker at the age of 11 (Vladimir Oiberman, Vladimir Yakimenko), and graduated from two conservatoires as a violinist - St. Petersburg State Conservatoire (Ziskind, Etigon, Komissarov, Shulpiakov) and Brussels Royal Conservatoire (baroque violin, Sigiswald Kuijken). Our brand philosophy is based on: 1. Knowledge of the repertoire from early 16th century till today. That's lots of music, some of which Dmitry Badiarov even played. 2. Cultural roots of the violin and professional violin-making. Remember, the earliest bill to a violin-maker known to survive is that from Isabella d'Este on the name of Maestro Sebastian de Verona, dated 20 December 1511. 3. The ability to play. Yep. It is a plus if violin-maker can play. Dmitry Badiarov even recorded several CDs as a soloist, but we never listened to them, so we do not know if they are any good. 4. Primary sources of inspiration, modern and those of the masters of the past. From his base in Brussels he visited most of the majour libraries in Europe. The funniest was reading ancient Italian and Spanish treatises. 5. Making instruments for the musicians and audiences of the 21st century. How do we know? We are among them since birth day. Dmitry Badiarov created a number of instruments for distinguished performers. In the past he was a guest lecturer on the history of the violin at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music. He also taught violin-making at Daikanyama Academy of Music in Tokyo, as well as in Italy, Pieve di Cento school of crafts in 1997. Now he is a full-time violin-maker and teacher of violin-making at his atelier in The Hague. Please, visit our gallery and atelier in The Hague, or at least our website for more information, photographs and video: http://badiarovviolins.com

Contact Information

Address: Noordeinde 117
The Hague
Telephone: +31 70 322 0 543
Email: bv@badiarovviolins.com
Website: http://badiarovviolins.com