Exclusive performance with Roby Lakatos
Guest Soloist - Tamsin Waley-Cohen

On Sunday 1st November The Amati Exhibition plays host to Roby Lakatos and his ensemble with an exclusive performance together with a guest performance by soloist Tamsin Waley-Cohen at The Langham, London.

Please contact charlott@amati.com for ticket information

Join us for what will be an unmissable performance by Roby and his ensemble with an amazing guest appearance from soloist Tamsin Waley-Cohen.

Roby Lakatos is a classically trained Hungarian virtuoso, renowned and adored for his unique fusion music of classical and gypsy styles. Descended from Janos Bihari, 'King of Gypsy Violinists', Roby's musical introduction came when he was nine. Aged nineteen Roby won the first prize for classical violin at the Béla Bartók Conservatory of Budapest. The rest they say is history.

Tamsin Waley-Cohen was born in London 1986 and has been described by one of her teachers, Ruggiero Ricci, as the 'most exceptionally gifted young violinist I have ever encountered.

She has also been described by The Times as a violinist 'who held us rapt in daring and undaunted performances' and by The Guardian as a performer of 'fearless intensity'.

This is the first time a performance of this calibre has been arranged and we can’t wait to see what will happen at the stage on the 1st November at The Grand Ballroom, The Langham, London.

The audience will be treated to an hour and a half of sensational music and afterwards The Amati Exhibition will hold a drinks reception with prosecco and canapés.

For more information please contact Charlott on +44 (0)20 7099 7114 or email charlott@amati.com.

Remaining tickets available on the door.

Please contact charlott@amati.com or speak to her at the exhibition.

Date and Time
1st November 2015, 7pm to 9pm.

Individual ticket is £30 + VAT.

Please contact charlott@amati.com for ticket information, or call +44 (0)20 7099 7114 if you would prefer to pay by debit card.

The Langham Grand Ballroom
1C Portland Place
Regent Street

Click here for venue information and map.

The Telegraph, October 2005

"In a world full of brilliant virtuoso violinists, Roby Lakatos stands out as something special."

"...once he starts playing, curiosity gives way to amazement. His scales and runs are so much faster and more brilliant than anyone else's, his vibrato so much more soulful, his virtuoso fireworks at a more perilous altitude. At the opening concert of the Genius of the Violin festival at the Barbican last year, the two great violinists who shared the stage with him - the French jazz violinist Didier Lockwood and the Russian virtuoso Maxim Vengerov - were as amazed as the rest of us".

The Independent, March 2004

"This was a display of virtuoso skill and sensitivity rounded out with fine lyrical swooping and quick-fire double-handed pizzicato. Not gypsy music as we know it now, this was the kind of well-bred but dazzling playing that excited 19th Century listeners, Brahms among them, and still gets audiences on their feet."

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