Maker: Carlo Antonio Testore

City: Milan, Country: Italy | Dates: b.c.1693, d.c.1765

Biography of Carlo Antonio Testore - John Dilworth

TESTORE, Carlo Antonio Born circa. 1693, d.c.1765 Milan Italy. Son, pupil, and successor of Carlo Giuseppe Testore, below, at the sign ‘dell’Aquila’ in Contrada Larga. More prolific maker than his father, but generally a less conscientious craftsman. Assisted in later years by his own son Giovanni. Instruments often lacking purfling, with...

Biography of Carlo Antonio Testore - Karel Jalovec

Milan. Born about 1688, died after 1764. Son and pupil of Carlo Giuseppe Testore. His works differ from those of his father by their larger pattern and higher arching. He worked on the models of Nic. Amati, Guarneri del Gesu and occasionally on that of Stradivari. The wood he used is very good. He applied a golden yellow varnish. The...

Biography of Carlo Antonio Testore - Henri Poidras

Milan circa 1680-1760. Son and pupil of Carlo-Giuseppe. Amati and Guarnerius models. His own model is large and heavy of aspect. The sound holes, after the Guarneri manner, are very open. Thick yellow-brown varnish. Excellent instruments. Apart from the label, an eagle is branded....

Biography of Carlo Antonio Testore - George Hart

Son of Giuseppe. Copied Guarneri and Amati. These instruments are bold and well made ; their tone is excellent....

Biography of Carlo Antonio Testore - Cecie Stainer

Eldest son of Carlo Giuseppe Testore, from whom he learnt his trade. Worked in Milan, in the Contrada Larga, at the sign of the Eagle (dell' aquila), about 1735-65 ; according to one label was associated with his son Giovanni in 1764. His violins are made on the Guarneri pattern, of excellent wood, though not finely figured; the varnish is...

Biography of Carlo Antonio Testore - Willibald Leo Lütgendorff

Älterer Sohn und Schüler von Carlo G. T. Er arbeitete nach Nic. Amati, Guarneri u. Strad., verwendete meist sehr gutes Holz und einen goldgelben, in's Bräunliche spielenden Lack, der nur zu dick ist und wenig Feuer hat. Er wohnte in der Contrada Larga und hatte wie sein Vater das Ladenschild »all' aquila«, wesshalb er auch eine Brandmarke anbrachte, die einen...

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A Viola by Carlo Antonio Testore. 42.0 cm Milan, 1752 | Sold in 2011


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