Maker: Antonio Stradivari

City: Cremona, Country: Italy | Dates: b.c.1644, d.1737

Biography of Antonio Stradivari - John Dilworth

STRADIVARI, Antonio Born circa. 1644, died 1737 Cremona Italy. The greatest of all violin makers. His origins, despite much earnest research, remain unclear. His first appearance in the Cremonese archives concerns his marriage to Francesca Ferraboschi in 1667 when he was living in the parish of S. Cecilia. He settled with his wife in the parish of S. Agata. In...

Biography of Antonio Stradivari - Karel Jalovec

Cremona. Born 1644, died Dec 18, 1737. He was the son of Alessandro Stradivari (b. Jan. 15, 1602) and Anna, b. Moroni. The name of his forefathers was originally Stradiverti or Stradiverdi. They were a patrician family which had resided in Cremona for a long time (as early as 1127 a Stradiverdi is being mentioned as a "senator patriae" )....

Biography of Antonio Stradivari - Henri Poidras

The celebrated and greatest master of violin making. Pupil of Niccolo Amati whom he copied for a few years. (There exist violins signed by or attri buted to Amati which were made by Stradivarius). The instruments of this first period are the Amati-ised, Amati-like, also known as Amati-Strads. [We have an example which was] one of the finest specimens of...

Biography of Antonio Stradivari - George Hart

The instrument on which he played Was in Cremona's workshops made, By a great master of the past, Ere yet was lost the art divine ; Fashioned of maple and of pine, That in Tyrolian forests vast Had rocked and wrestled with the blast; Exquisite was it in design, A marvel of the lutist's art, Perfect in each minutest part;...

Biography of Antonio Stradivari - Cecie Stainer

Son of Alessandro Stradivari and Anna Moroni. There is no definite record of his birth, but in a violin with a genuine label as follows . " Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis faciebat anno 1732 " was added in Stradivari's handwriting below " de anni 89 " ; this was at first wrongly read as " de anni 82 " Other dated...

Biography of Antonio Stradivari - Willibald Leo Lütgendorff

Schüler von Nicolas Amati. Der Meister aller Meister der Geigenmacherei, ein genialer Künstler, der nicht mehr erreicht und noch weniger übertroffen werden konnte. Obwohl er schon zu Lebzeiten in hohem Ansehen stand, sind doch nur spärliche Nachrichten über sein Leben auf uns gekommen; die wenigen zuverlässigen Angaben verdankt man hauptsächlich den Forschungen Paolo Lombardini's, Sacchi's und Mandelli's, der seine Forschungen...

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A Violin by Antonio Stradivari. 35.7 cm Cremona, 1721 The 'Lady Blunt', with Provenance & Lit. | Sold in 2011


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