Maker: Giuseppe Scarampella

City: Brescia, Country: Italy | Dates: b.1838, d.1904

Biography of Giuseppe Scarampella - John Dilworth

SCARAMPELLA, Giuseppe Born 1838 Brescia, died 1904 Varese Italy. Son of Paolo Scarampella, below. Pupil of Nicola Bianchi in Paris. Worked for Luigi Castellini in Florence 1866, succeeding him as curator of the Cherubini Museum. Very highly regarded maker of Stradivari and Guarneri modelled instruments, with a distinctly personal interpretation. Inclined to overall heaviness, sometimes the arching a little...

Biography of Giuseppe Scarampella - Karel Jalovec

Brescia, Paris, Florence. Born at Brescia on Aug. 25, 1838, died in Florence in 1885. Son of Paolo Scarampella, pupil of Nic. Bianchi in Genoa. After having lived a short time in Paris, he settled down in Florence, where he worked in Luigi Castellani's workshop and established himself, after the latter's death, as independent craftsman. He applied red varnish. His...

Biography of Giuseppe Scarampella - Henri Poidras

Pupil of Niccolo Bianchi of Genoa. Make much sought after for its tone qualities. Followed both Stradivarius and Guarnerius models. Good red varnish. This maker worked in Paris in about 1860....

Biography of Giuseppe Scarampella - Cecie Stainer

Son of Paolo Scarampella; b Aug. 25, 1838, Brescia. Pupil of Nicola Bianchi in Paris; 1865, returned to Brescia. In 1866 went to Florence to work with Luigi Castellani, who thought highly of his ability and gave him much important work to do in repairing old instruments. He restored the viola and the famous violoncello of Stradivari, kept in the...

Biography of Giuseppe Scarampella - Willibald Leo Lütgendorff

Sohn von Paolo Sc. Schüler von Niccolò Bianchi aus Genua, ging dann nach Paris wie sein Lehrer und blieb dort bis 1866. Hierauf liess er sich in Florenz nieder und verband sich mit Luigi Castellani, nach dessen Tode er Conservator der Sammlung des Florentiner Conservatoriums wurde. De Piccolellis halt ihn für den besten Reparateur unter den Lebenden. Auch seine neuen...

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A Violin by Giuseppe Scarampella. 35.7 cm Florence [Workshop of] | Sold in 2006


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