• Paolo Antonio Testore

  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • Dates: b.c.1690, d.1767

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 Biography of Paolo Antonio Testore

The Brompton’s Book of Violin & Bow Makers

Author: John Dilworth

TESTORE, Paolo Antonio Born circa. 1690, died 1767 Milan Italy. Son, pupil, and successor of Carlo Giuseppe Testore, above. The least adept maker of the family. Often quite coarse and sometimes very high-arched instruments with all short-cuts taken: scratched and inked purfling, unfluted pegbox, poor wood. The varnish may be of quite poor lifeless brown colour, but occasionally is lighter in tone and has some glow. The scrolls are in themselves remarkable for their carelessness and almost plastic quality. Assisted at some point by C. F. Landolphi. Paolo Antonio Testore / Milano 17.. Paolo Antonio Testore figlio / di Carlo Giuseppe Testore / in Contrada Larga di Mila- / no al Segno dell’ Aq

 Biography of Paolo Antonio Testore

A Dictionary of Violin Makers

Author: Cecie Stainer

Second son of Carlo Giuseppe Testore and the last maker of this name. First worked with his brother. Carlo Antonio, but separated from him about 1710, and continued working alone till about 1760. He made a great many instruments, but did not do such good work as his father; the varnish is lighter, a yellow colour, and of inferior quality. Few of his violins are known, they are not much arched, without purfling, and follow the Guarneri pattern. He made many good lutes and guitars, the latter, especially, being some of the most beautiful known. Labels : " Paolo Antonio Testore, Milan, 17—," and " Paolo Antonio Testore figlio di Carlo Giuseppe Testore in Contrada larga di Milano al segno dell aquila, 1759"

 Biography of Paolo Antonio Testore

Die Geigen- und Lautenmacher vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart

Author: Willibald Leo Lütgendorff

Jüngerer Sohn von Carlo Gius. T. Bis 1710 arbeitete er mit seinem Bruder zusammen und von da an allein; er war sehr fleissig, hat sich jedoch mehr auf das Lauten- und Guitarrenmachen verlegt, wesshalb nur wenige Geigen von ihm vorkommen. Als Geigenmacher erreicht er seinen Vater nicht. Er ahmt das Guarneri-Modell nach, lässt aber die Einlage fehlen und verwendet einen blassgelben, mangelhaften Lack. Er ist der letzte Geigenmacher aus der Familie. Eine hübsche Taschengeige mit goldgelbem Lack aus dem Jahre 1738 besass Valdrighi.

 Biography of Paolo Antonio Testore

The Violin

Author: George Hart

Brother of Carlo Antonio. Copied Guarneri. The varnish is mostly yellow ; frequently unpurfled.

 Biography of Paolo Antonio Testore

Critical & Documentary Dictionary Of Violin Makers Old & Modern

Author: Henri Poidras

Son of Carlo Giuseppe. His work is not so finished as that of his brother with whom he worked until 1710. His instruments are not scarce; many are unpurfled. Light yellow-brown varnish. Powerful tone.

 Biography of Paolo Antonio Testore

Italian violin makers

Author: Karel Jalovec

Milan. Born about 1690, died after 1750. Son of Carlo Giuseppe Testore. Produced cheaper instruments in company with his brother, somewhat on the pattern of Gius. Guarneri del Gesu, He was a prolific craftsman and a real master, but only a few specimens have a fine finish. The arching of his instruments is beautiful. He applied a light yellow, golden-yellow or brown-yellow varnish. With his brother he worked up to the year 1710. Some of his instruments have, nevertheless, an excellent tone. Price 25.000 Kc at least.

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