Giovanni Gaibisso

Location: Italy
Dates: B. 1876, d. 1962

Biography of Giovanni Gaibisso

The Brompton’s Book of Violin & Bow Makers

Author: John Dilworth

GAIBISSO, Giovanni Battista Born 1876, died 1962 Alassio Italy. Pupil of Pasquale Baraldi in Alassio. Established at Alassio, Genoa, following Baraldi’s death 1896. Moved to South America 1912, then to Nice to work for F. Bovis 1922. Returned to Alassio 1925, from which time he produced his best work. Stradivari, Guarneri, and Rocca models; credited with over 450 instruments of consistent high quality. Awards at Turin, 1911, Rome 1925, and Padua 1931 and 1934. Golden or orange-red varnish. Also made guitars. Gaibisso Giovanni Battista / fece Alassio anno 1929 / Medaglia d'oro Esp. Int. Torino 1911

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